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Whitening Your Teeth with Partial Dentures

Posted on 1/25/2017 by Dr. Kelsey Ullsmith
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Having a bright, white smile is something most of us crave. However, is there a trick to whitening your teeth when you have a partial set of dentures? If you take the partial out, is it going to stand out from the rest of your newly whitened teeth? The best method to give you that bright smile you are hoping for is to whiten your teeth and your partial separately.

How to Get That Bright White Smile with Partials

The first thing that you should do is to go in and see your dentist. He or she can tell you what they can do in terms of whitening your teeth. They may also be able to tell you what options they have for whitening dentures. If the denture isn't something they have the capability to whiten, there are over the counter options that you can use at home.

Once your dentist has seen the shade of white you want to go with, they can help you either with the whitening in the office, or by referring you to one of their colleagues that does whitening in the office.

Getting your teeth whitened by a dentist is far safer, and more effective, than trying to do it yourself with over the counter products. However, denture products can be stronger, since the whitening is not done in your mouth.

Go in and speak with your dentist today. Let them help you figure out the best way to give you and your partial the white sheen you are hoping to achieve. They are going to be able to give you better options than you are going to be able to find on your own. Plus, they can keep your teeth safe during the entire process. Go ahead, get the smile of your dreams today!

Please contact our office if you have any questions about partial dentures today.

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